Feed for October 2004

31.10.2004 Monbiot on the dying English apple
28.10.2004 Nature on Flores
28.10.2004 Homo floriensis
28.10.2004 Aerial Izzle
27.10.2004 Peel links at plasticbag.org
27.10.2004 Front Row on John Peel
24.10.2004 found near the cameo
24.10.2004 found in bruntsfield place
24.10.2004 Nice idea... if only I could choose 5 favourites.
22.10.2004 BROOOOAADDBANNNNND at last!
20.10.2004 Shauna's photos turned out much better than mine.
12.10.2004 The Seven Warning Signs of Bogus Science
12.10.2004 VM: Notes from the aftermath
11.10.2004 Tim Moore plans to do Eurovision next
11.10.2004 The autumn weather inspired me to unearth this.
11.10.2004 Essays vs Autobiography
07.10.2004 found under the jawbones
06.10.2004 Stephen Downes on educational blogging
04.10.2004 A wonder of the web
03.10.2004 Final record? Nooooohh!
02.10.2004 Carry on Campusing