Feed for May 2004

31.05.2004 22. You link to lists of annoying things about weblogging
30.05.2004 Rodeohead
28.05.2004 Clouds over Lewis
28.05.2004 LRB: Writers and academics
28.05.2004 Holocaust Identities
28.05.2004 Diamonds aren't a girl's best friend
25.05.2004 Sontag on Abu Ghraib
25.05.2004 Monbiot in the Guardian: 'torn between xenophobia and greed'
25.05.2004 Linked everywhere for good reason: Gunkanjima
25.05.2004 Ice Ice Baby
25.05.2004 Ridiculous Clear Channel patent on instant concert CDs
18.05.2004 2,500 Post-It Notes
17.05.2004 Last of this Guardian round-up: Tom Paulin on Hazlitt & friends
17.05.2004 Guardian: Stephen Gill's lost
17.05.2004 Guardian: Ronson relives Stanley
17.05.2004 Guardian: John Glover, England's loss and Tasmania's gain
17.05.2004 Guardian: Scottish sectarianism
17.05.2004 Guardian: Thomas Keneally on Australia's gulags
17.05.2004 Guardian: Books and the box
14.05.2004 He's right, I'm sick of typing <strong>
14.05.2004 My two cents on the MT 3.0 brouhaha
13.05.2004 Goat Island on disk! You bee-yoo-tay!
12.05.2004 The blog bots are watching...
12.05.2004 'I said let's do the same thing for Tasmania... But it didn't happen.'
07.05.2004 Every cover of Private Eye
06.05.2004 Ricky Gervais interviewed at Onion AV
05.05.2004 New at Detail: Panoramas
04.05.2004 Oh Jesus this is awful.
02.05.2004 Guardian: The politics of salad