Feed for January 2004

30.01.2004 More Balthasar Burkhard
30.01.2004 Balthasar Burkhard at the Fruitmarket—good stuff
29.01.2004 Earth, Wind and Lemsip forever
28.01.2004 The Burmese version of It's a Small World
27.01.2004 The Cowan Scale of Ticklishness
27.01.2004 Palimpsest, a new blog of open source teaching resources
24.01.2004 El Greco: The reluctant disciple
24.01.2004 Vuillard: The Gauguin who stayed at home
24.01.2004 Bosch and Bruegel in the lunatic tower
24.01.2004 Terry Pratchett: Tricking the books out
23.01.2004 AOL wastes Justin Frankel
23.01.2004 KF on the future of academic publishing (plus a bit of RE)
22.01.2004 I hope you enjoy this Wombat File entry
20.01.2004 'That, my friends, is Punk Fucking Rock.'
16.01.2004 The best dog on earth
14.01.2004 Ben Purr
14.01.2004 Larry David curbs his enthusiasm
13.01.2004 BBC: Calcutta's Cinema Man
12.01.2004 Guardian: Christopher Guest interview
11.01.2004 Lord of the Ring of Fire
08.01.2004 Yesterday I discovered Nick Drake
08.01.2004 Anil Dash on not blogging
01.01.2004 Nothing happening here for a while.