Walruses Can Whistle

Songbirds island-hopped their way from Australia to colonise the world.

A journey to the end of time.

Cooking with wool.

Walruses can whistle.

23 March 2020

Too Spiky

A fifteen-minute writing exercise closes the gender gap in university-level physics.

U.S. national park illustrations based on their worst reviews. In a similar vein, my old upstairs neighbour (and Australia’s best editorial cartoonist) has illustrated Australian national parks after the bushfires. Poor Depot Beach.

A brief history of singular “they”.

11 March 2020

Midnight Soil

Native Americans had horses before the settlers came.

A rotary mobile phone.

The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders.

Haircut Practice is Peanuts reborn.

Yosemite’s firefall is too beautiful for its own good.

Here are some Thoughts I had in the Bath.

How to ruin a band’s name with one extra letter.

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28 February 2020

Bison Sculpture

As someone who’s taken a few long-haul flights on UAE airlines over the years, this dissection of corporate music is so relatable. It’s the soundtrack of the unskippable intros to inflight movies, and of the corporate ads aimed at business types who are actually flying to Dubai and Abu Dhabi rather than transiting through. His takedown of a study of how pop music is supposedly getting worse is also terrific.

Perfect Pärt (via Mefi).

14,000 year-old bison sculptures in a French cave.

A 97-year-old philosopher faces his own death.

Famous paintings with search and rescue vehicles added to them.

My sophisticated plot projection algorithm is never wrong.

31 January 2020

Kangaroo Ground

A year of talking about climate change.

The search for clean air.

If the Australian Liberal Party approached the First World War like they approach climate change.

A huge spike in one of the most potent greenhouse gases.

UK police list Extinction Rebellion as extremists and include Greenpeace with neo-Nazis on counter-terror lists.

Laurie Garrett on the Wuhan virus.

Australian aboriginals recorded ancient sea rises in 10,000 years of oral history.

Let’s abandon climate targets and maximise climate action.

31 January 2020