Sunset Clause

Rear Window

I’ve posted a few photos of sunsets here over the years, especially since moving into a top-floor flat with a view to the west out of the kitchen window, but they’ve represented only a fraction of the many I’ve taken. Here, then, is a whole gallery of them, in extra-large size to enjoy every shade and hue.

There are some new panoramas as well. And here’s a couple of photos that didn’t fit either concept. Below is a kitchen-window sunset projecting onto our living room curtains, from before we’d replaced the chandeliers. Mouseover it for another fine Edinburgh sunset, this time over the Meadows on the ride home from work late last year.


I've done some rejigging at Detail lately, standardizing the menu links on galleries as far as possible, and adding links to related blog entries to give them more context. I'll be ushering in some more galleries there soon.

17 June 2022 · Site News