Civilian Targets

Western coverage of Ukraine receded in recent weeks as Russia scaled back its attacks in the East. With the loss of Sievierodonetsk over the weekend, and a Russian missile attack on Kremenchuk, eighty miles from the front line, on Monday, that’s changing.

An agonising video from a nearby park of the Russian strike on Kremenchuk shows a second missile striking a factory near the shopping mall hit by the first.

Spelling Ukraine.

An important thread on language in Ukraine:

I’ve only recently realised that many non-Ukrainians mistakenly see Russian-speaking Ukrainians as some sort of marginalised social group which has never learned Ukrainian and, not being able to speak or understand it, is left without access to services provided in Ukrainian. That’s… really far off from what is actually happening.

How the Russian book market promoted Stalinism and Nazism and prepared Russians for full-scale war against Ukraine, NATO, and the West.

German journalist Isolde Ruhdorfer on Putin influencers in non-English-speaking countries. To save clicking on each individual tweet in turn to translate them, here’s the thread in English—but do look at the original tweets as well for the influencers’ war-selfies.

More Russian-backed deception: a deepfaked Vitali Klitschko fooled the Berlin mayor (at first) in a video call.

It is senseless to shelter Putin from the sense that he is losing. He will figure that out for himself, and he will act to protect himself.

29 June 2022 · Events