The Mask

Masks littering the pavements of Polwarth and Morningside, August 2021.
Typical mid-pandemic sights. Mouseover for more.

Delta has changed the pandemic endgame.

The Covid victims who said no to the vaccine.

People don’t understand ICU teams.

One teenager’s experience of Long Covid.

My phone doesn’t realize my mother is dead.

Why are so many knowledge workers quitting?

The British woman who’s spent the entire pandemic in Tonga after going there for the weekend.

Where did the coronavirus come from? The Channel 4 documentary Did Covid Leak from a Lab in China? (available for the next few weeks via All 4 in the UK and Ireland and via YouTube elsewhere) lays out the evidence to pretty chilling effect. I hated the racist overtones of Trump’s initial claims as much as the next person, but the documentary made me think more of Chernobyl than anti-China conspiracies; it isn’t anti-Russian to suggest that running nuclear power plants has had some catastrophic consequences. Zeynep Tufekci makes a similar point in this recent podcast appearance.

31 August 2021 · Events