Damage Control

Thank you NHS postbox
Craighouse Gardens, Edinburgh, Saturday 16 May 2020

England’s excess deaths are among the highest in Europe. How poor planning left the UK without enough PPE. Where did the UK’s COVID-19 response go wrong? The inside story. “We discharged known, suspected and unknown cases into care homes which were unprepared with no formal warning that the patients were infected, no testing available, and no PPE to prevent transmission.” The dismal Home Office response. The week in Tory. Transparency is key in a crisis—so why isn’t the government being straight with us? This is what you should be demanding from your government.

Coronavirus has made it even easier to forget about disabled people. My sister needed care, but her life was not disposable.

What coronavirus does to the body. The patients who have symptoms for months. Mysterious illness claims three children in New York. New evidence that children may transmit the virus. The risks, and how to avoid them.

Comparing COVID-19 deaths to flu deaths is like comparing apples to oranges. The pandemic doesn’t have to be this confusing. Laurie Garrett predicted the pandemic. What does she foresee next? South Korea was hit by a superspreader after bars opened.

The doctor, the disease, and the Division.

The pandemic shows what cities have surrendered to cars. How cities are reshaping streets to prepare for life after lockdown. Long-haul air travel has never been stranger.

The problem isn’t Zoom fatigue—it’s mourning life as we knew it.

17 May 2020 · Events