I saw in 11 p.m. last night by watching Rocketman. In hindsight, it seems appropriate to have been watching a movie about someone who started out full of talent and promise, grew insanely rich, spent a few years going off the deep end in a coke-fuelled frenzy, and ended up in rehab.

Ian McEwan: The most pointless, masochistic ambition in our country’s history.

Ian Dunt: The end of the dream. The start of the resistance.

The kind of historical revisionism Remainers are up against right now.

The Independent’s Tom Peck wrote a great report from Parliament Square:

“FREEDOM!!!! YEAAAASSSS!!!! F****** FREEDOM!!!! WE F****** DID IT!!! F****** FREEDOM!!! F****** DO ONE!! F****** DO ONE!!!!”

We have become the first country to throw off the yoke of an oppressor whom nobody else considers themselves oppressed by. We have won our freedom from our own imagined nightmares.

Peace, prosperity and friendship with all nations. F****** do one.

1 February 2020 · Politics