Theresa May has just appeared before the Liaison Committee in Parliament and talked of preparing for No Deal:

May suggested that, if MPs vote down her Brexit deal, she will activate full planning for a no deal Brexit. This came in response to questions from the Labour MP Rachel Reeves, who repeatedly asked May to rule out a no deal Brexit. May would not give that assurance. Instead she said:

“If the House votes down that deal at that point, then there will be some steps that will be necessary. Obviously we have been doing no deal planning as a government ... the timetable is such that actually some people would need to take some practical steps in relation to no deal if the parliament were to vote down the deal on December 11.”

Does this mean martial law, prime minister? Please let it mean martial law, ooooooo, can’t wait. Tanks rollin’ down the ’igh street, it’ll be lovely. Lovely-jubbly martial law, that’s wot I voted for, that’s wot those Brexit buses promised us. 350 million quid a week to spend on our proper British army, none of yer EU army here, just our fine British lads marchin’ down the ’igh street, touslin’ our British nippers’ ’air, ’anding out tins of beans and iodine tablets to purify our drinkin’ water. Delicious.


The Brexit process has given us a remarkable insight into how history can be rewritten. A Twitter thread from remainer Tony Nog, who recently also gave us a round-up of leading Brexiters’ stupidity.

Miriam González Durántez in the Guardian: Cameron’s arrogance hurt the country, but May’s insults cut deep. “I’m not sure I could trust myself if I actually ran into David Cameron. Ever since the Brexit referendum, I have been trying to avoid any occasions where I think we might have to meet.”

Robert Peston: Think about the implications if she wins.

Marina Hyde in the Guardian: Get ready for Brexit advent, where a new political hellscape opens every day.

Steve Bullock on Twitter: I do not expect you to read this reply to your letter. I gather listening is not your strong point.

29 November 2018 · Politics

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