No Surprises

I was busy with family and work in October, but there’s still time left for a few more of the month’s links.

What the Sydney Opera House can teach us about Brexit.

Britain has run out of time to prepare for no-deal. Well done and thank you to everyone who made it to the latest People’s Vote march. I couldn’t this time around, but it’s great to see it was even bigger than the one in June.

How Viktor Orbán destroyed Hungarian democracy.

Fascism and Brazil.

Jair Bolsonaro’s model is Goebbels.

This is how we radicalized the world. (I posted this to MetaFilter).

China’s hidden camps.

“The Antarctic Peninsula I knew as a child has already largely gone.”

Drilling through Britain’s prehistory.

The cookbook that changed the shape of Australian birthdays. I’m a few years too old to have benefited from this cookbook as a kid, but got to know it in the 1990s through J. and her much younger siblings, when they (and I) got a tiger, a lion, a turtle, the swimming pool, the piano... Now our kids have grown up with it, so at least one kitchen in Edinburgh has seen the number one, the mouse, the racing track, the dragon, and others.

All 293 Sufjan Stevens songs, ranked. Good to see the magnificent Carrie & Lowell placed so highly. Bonus Sufjan: Majesty Snowbird.

One artist’s response to people who ask for free stuff.

Too many cooks.

31 October 2018 · Weblog

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