Brexit Logic

“Look, the jury found you guilty and your execution is set for March 2019. You need to stop complaining that it was a mistrial, stop pointing out new evidence that has emerged since, stop lobbying the governor for a pardon, and get behind the original decision. Otherwise I question your commitment to justice.”

Brexiters should try the “no new EU laws during transition” logic with the Home Office. “I want to renounce my citizenship and replace it with a visa to allow time to plan moving away. But I don’t want to obey any new laws that get passed before I’ve gone for good.”

The leak that demolished any economic argument for Brexit.

Three time bombs lurking amid the Brexit negotiations.

Brexiters can’t see what’s staring them in the face.

Hard Brexiters don’t want responsibility for implementing Brexit.

This was the Prime Minister at the start of the month, 589 days after the referendum:

Theresa May, 2 February 2018

What she wanted there was the word “wanted”. If she wants to know what we want, she needs to listen to what people are saying now.

Brexiters call Remainers traitors, but what would you call someone who was prepared to decimate British people’s incomes, put millions out of work, introduce hard borders in Ireland that threaten to rekindle the Troubles and invite Northern Irish terrorism back into our lives, undermine the NHS by depleting its workforce and exposing it to privatisation as part of a US trade deal, force a million or more British people to uproot their lives in other EU countries and move back to a country with no jobs for them and a crippled NHS, threaten British sovereignty over Gibraltar, force Britain to abide by rules and regulations it will have no hand in creating if it wants to sell anything to the 27 countries who have been half of our export market and whose loss would mean cutting our market in half, and—potentially—tear apart the Union that voters in Scotland so narrowly preserved in 2014. And that’s ignoring the chaos that would follow an ill-prepared hard exit, with flights grounded, the collapse of just-in-time manufacturing, and food imports stuck at the borders. What would you call someone who wanted all of that, just so they could have a different coloured cover on a passport they’ll have less opportunity to use, wave a Union Jack that will have become a global symbol of catastrophe, and deport millions of “foreigners” (who have been living and contributing right here, not off in some foreign land), who they personally will never have even met, but who somehow offend their personal sense of identity?

I’ve stopped calling the hardliners “Brexiteers”. As someone on Twitter pointed out, it indulges their sense of being swashbuckling adventurers, like musketeers or privateers, rather than what they are: chancers; wreckers.

They got what they voted for: nineteen months of a Tory government trying to force the square-shaped block of their desires through the round hole of Brexit and failing. Now give us our country back, and let’s all focus on the many problems that the government has been neglecting in the meantime.

13 February 2018 · Politics

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