Icelandic Panoramas

Earlier this month my family and I spent the first week of yet another school term break in Iceland. I’d wanted to see it for years, ever since J. and I moved to Britain and even more since she visited it on her own a decade ago (I was tied up with teaching at the time, and it was her last chance before our son came along). With perfect timing we missed the brief post-2008 window when it was affordable and went for maximum post-2016 crashed-pound expense. Weighed against the cost of school holiday clubs for the kids, though, it doesn’t look so bad, with EasyJet flights and Airbnb accommodation helping offset Europe’s most expensive food prices.

I’ll write a fuller account to go with the eventual full photo gallery, but some initial photos are already up at Detail. With so many wide open spaces to photograph, I came back with a lot of panoramas...

25 April 2017 · Travel