Eighty Days

It’s a while since I posted any Trump links—I was too busy collecting them. Here’s a couple of dozen that have lasted.

The data that turned the world upside down.

Portrait of a botnet.

Pro-Trump campaign spam.

I ignored Trump news for a week.

Why facts alone can’t fight false beliefs.

Trump’s laugh track is tricking America.

What the fuck just happened today?

Naomi Klein: Get ready for Trump’s disaster capitalism.

How Trump could build an autocracy in the U.S.

America’s leading authoritarian intellectual works for Trump.

The lesson of the Munich Post.

Eleven key lessons from historical fascism.

When it’s too late to stop fascism.

President Supervillain.

A short history of the Trump Family.

Trump’s Russian connections, a handy timeline.

Sixteen reasons the Russia dossier wasn’t fake news.

Trump, Putin, and the new cold war.

The Twentieth Day of January.

How Jeff Sessions targeted Democrats.

A Muslim’s experiences in the Trump White House.

The making of a Mexican-American dream.

A system designed to make people disappear.

White people: I want you to understand yourselves better.

Keep it simple and take credit.

11 April 2017 · Politics

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