First Fortnight

I still write a few limerick definitions from time to time. Last week I was inspired to write these. Can’t think why.

A new leader signs callous decrees, / While apologists seek to appease. / As conditions get tougher, / Minorities suffer, / And fascism comes by degrees.

The fascist thinks nothing of crushing / Political enemies, brushing / Aside all conventions / And laws. His intentions / Are clear: do his worst, without blushing.

Collaborators see in the devil / A chance to descend to his level. / To save their own skins, / They concur with his sins, / And conjoin with his demons to revel.

For years, Britain’s best-known appeaser / Was Chamberlain, ill-advised geezer / Who pandered to Hitler. / Could leaders act littler? / Who’d trump him? What’s your view, Theresa?

5 February 2017 · Politics