The Wall

The ugly American · Former models for Trump’s agency say they violated immigration rules and worked illegally · What it’s like to be a female reporter covering Trump · How Trump’s “Apprentice” moved from capitalism to sexism · What Mike Pence thinks vs. what Donald Trump says · Donald Trump pulling flags out of his nose · Supercut of every time Donald Trump says his own name · On banter, bonding and Donald Trump · America’s therapists are worried about Trump’s effect on your mental health · If you support Trump, I already know seven things about you · The 281 people, places and things Trump has insulted on Twitter · Donald Trump is the first demagogue of the Anthropocene · The insane things you’ve forgotten about Trump’s campaign · A veteran spy has given the FBI information alleging a Russian operation to cultivate Donald Trump · Trump’s companies destroyed emails in defiance of court orders · Trump used legally dubious method to avoid paying taxes · Whatever is actually in Trump’s tax returns is worse than what the New York Times says · The FBI is Trumpland · How Macedonia became a global hub for pro-Trump misinformation · Why Trump is different · A bully, fraud and incompetent who has wrecked countless lives · Ted Cruz’s dangerous and offensive new threat · What is really at stake on election day · The white flight of Derek Black · The lousy reason I didn’t vote in 1968—and why Sanders supporters shouldn’t fall for it · Republicans are now vowing Total War · CEO gets death threats for giving jobs to refugees · Hostility toward women is one of the strongest predictors of Trump support · Stop pretending you don’t know why people hate Hillary Clinton · Clinton’s critics know she’s guilty, they’re just trying to decide what she’s guilty of · Three reasons to vote for Hillary Clinton that have nothing to do with Hillary Clinton · These Wikileaks emails prove just what a monster Hillary Clinton is[n’t] · The Clinton rules and the media’s ghastly failure to inform the public · Hillary Clinton interviewed by an 11-year-old · Why is Hillary Clinton so widely loved?

Only a few more days of this. Until whatever comes next...

6 November 2016 · Politics