But Wait, There’s Brexit

It’s all too depressing, but here are some links from the past month about the other Atlantic ship-of-state-wreck. One highlight was Theresa May’s claim that “if you’re a citizen of the world, then you’re a citizen of nowhere”. As an immigrant to the UK, I wonder if that makes me a dual citizen of nowhere.

The man who brought you Brexit.

The inside story of Brexit.

May makes it clear: we’re leaving the single market.

The Tories have finally become Ukip.

Tory Remainers have become the illiberal Brexit enforcers, whether Leavers like it or not.

Article 50 will be easy. A trade deal will be anything but.

The sharp costs of Brexit will be felt soon enough.

Economic ills of the UK extend well beyond Brexit.

The crash in the pound punctures the delusion that Brexit Britain will flourish.

The thirteen things making me very angry right now.

May criticized the term “citizen of the world”, but half the world identifies that way.

I’m being stripped of my citizenship—along with 65 million other Britons.

Government bars foreign academics from advising on Brexit.

Labour’s 170 questions for the government on Brexit.

“Which EU law are you most looking forward to losing?”

The UK is becoming the nasty country, and our universities will suffer.

Brexit so complex it could overwhelm politicians, warn senior academics.

The ruthlessly effective rebranding of Europe’s new far right.

6 November 2016 · Politics

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