Ren and Jemp All Day

Hey kids, it’s Hector, the Lump of Coal!

“Only one in ten Americans (12%) know that 90% or more scientists have concluded human-caused global warming is happening.”

3D tattoos.

Australian government surprises returning graduate expats with the precious gift of debt.

Will British voters surprise British expats with the gift of forced repatriation?

UKIP voted no to rules against human trafficking in the last EU Parliament. Expect more of the less as UK influence wanes.

You’re probably using the wrong dictionary.

The Internet with a human face.

The oldest living things in the world. Huon Pine represent.

Child showing mother a picture on a laptop. Greek, circa 110 BC.

Honour crimes and infanticide in Ireland.

The Internet in a box, locked up with locks: You Are a Pirate! (and the original version, courtesy of Icelandic kids’ TV).

The Which English? test pegged my dialect as 1. English (England), 2. New Zealand, 3. Australian. (Ahem.)

Haruki Murakami walks to Kobe: “In a sense our lives are nothing more than a series of stages to help us get used to loneliness.”

7 June 2014 · Weblog