Brothers Gonna Work It Out

“A massive space battle is a thing of beauty and I will require many more of them in the future”: 19-year-old watches classic blockbusters for the first time (via MeFi).

Stop banking on a carbon future. Written by the former federal leader of the party Tony Abbott now heads in government.

Reuse Everything turn discarded PET bottles into thatch roofing.

The Archimedes wind turbine slashes noise pollution and offers better efficiency with smaller blades. I want one for my next PET-thatched home.

Making sense of chemical stories.

Philosophy is a bunch of empty ideas, says philosopher.

Rubber bands make one inventor ONE MILLION DOLLARS. Several hundred of them from our son’s primary school, no doubt.

Dancing in the Street, the musicless video.

Reading: The Struggle.

Al Gore’s hope for the climate.

22 June 2014 · Weblog