Life and Death

Man still remembers teacher who made him fall in love with writing.

What a grocery store looks like without honeybees.

Peter Freuchen, Arctic explorer. Call that a knife?

The pleasant morning of an evil day.

Majorité opprimée (via Mefi).

Mary Beard on the Miss Triggs question (Mefi).

On authenticity, appropriation and eating (Mefi).

On not going home (Mefi).

Oceanic force and mystery (Mefi).

Rolling Stone’s 500 worst reviews of all time (Mefi). Essential reading for any past subscribers who bought their share of “four-star” turkeys on their say-so.

Film Crit Hulk on THE LEGO MOVIE. Saw it with W. the other day; recommended for any Lego kids and parents.

The Things. For fans of the singular John Carpenter.

20 February 2014 · Weblog