How Now, Brown Cow?

Humanity’s deep future.

How long will it last?

How to save wet books.

How Britain got a taste for horsemeat.

How “Golden Eagle Snatches Kid” ruled the Internet.

How the Harlem Shake went global.

Folklore and the vernacular Web.

The impossibility of auto-censoring chat.

The dangers of random permutations.

The dangers of graphical tricksiness.

Douglas Rushkoff: Why I’m quitting Facebook.

No comment.

Call Me a Hole: best mashup since “A Stroke of Genie-us”.

You Can’t Be My Girl.

200 great Brazilian albums.

Deconstructing Roy Lichtenstein.

Charlie Brooker on “Be Right Back” and Black Mirror.

It’s Brian Butterfield’s Sports Restaurant and Collector Cards!

7 March 2013 · Weblog