One Afternoon, Two Coats

Just had such a major weekend of DIY that I didn’t have a moment to post these links that were almost ready to go on Friday. So much paint, so much white spirit, so many barked knuckles. Once it’s all done, though, there’ll be time again for more than links here at last.

Institutionalising serendipity via productive coffee breaks. asks “ what should we be worried about?” (conveniently framing the question to ignore climate change). I’m worried about when I’ll find time to read all 120,000 words.

Retailers can now track you across the mall.

It’s now a crime in the US to unlock your smartphone.

More Brian: The Butterfield Spa and the Butterfield Bootcamp Fitness Deh-Veh-Deh.

The Russian family who missed World War II.

A bird ballet.

First time buyers are getting younger in the UK, but the reasons aren’t good news.

Stories of European migrants fleeing the recession.

Distraction of the [Fri-]day is this great Mercator Puzzle. More fun with the Mercator Projection.

The power of the network: a YouTube video brings two men together from opposite ends of the earth to spend three days in a home workshop and make fingers for a boy born without them. [More, via Mefi.]

4 February 2013 · Weblog