The secret video of Mitt Romney’s private fundraiser comments at Mother Jones (first excerpts, second excerpts, and full transcript) and the accompanying Metafilter schadenfreude-fest have been far too entertaining and distracting this week.

By way of contrast, Michael Lewis’s profile of Obama at Vanity Fair.

By way of British contrast, it’s The Nick Clegg Apology Song.

The National Office of Importance, an impressive—nay, important—new blog (via Mefi). (Shades of a certain poster found in Barter Books a decade ago; we should see the knock-off range of tea-towels, mugs and cushion covers soon.)

Noisy Jelly.

A three-part interview with William Gibson at Wired. I liked his comments on the “science fictional feel” of hearing classic rock on the radio in 2012. Got that same weird feeling the other day passing by some stencilled graffiti of Marilyn Monroe’s face; she’s been dead fifty years.

From 0 to 100 years in 150 seconds.

Beyond the 10,000 Hour Rule.

One geek’s journey to Kosovo and Iraq.

How Not to Write Comics Criticism by Dylan Meconis, author of Outfoxed.

Aussie cartoonist Andrew Weldon gets a website at last.

Bat Segundo hangs up his wings after eight years and 500 episodes. Salut!

Information decay is eating away our history. But Speedysnail’s 13 years of archives are still going strong—why not try some? (NB: External links may be broken.)

22 September 2012 · Weblog