I Dream of Gina

News of billionaire Gina Rinehart’s latest comments about how the poor should work harder did the rounds the other day on Twitter, leaving me with a burning, righteous fury and nowhere to put it. Nowhere, because I like to keep this blog reasonably civil, and figured I’d already wasted enough breath on her poetry.

But it’s hard to resist. At the very least, it’s staggering that someone in her position can’t see the enormous competitive advantage in money-making that one gets from inheriting a mining company from your rich father just before a once-in-a-lifetime mining boom.

Still, at least she has no compunction about bankrupting her own children because she has a problem with the behaviour of people who stand to inherit their parents’ enormous wealth. Um.

I nominate one square mile in the middle of Western Australia for Rinehart’s special economic zone, with no roads in or out and a flight exclusion zone above it. To be valid only if she lives there, in an enormous Scrooge McDuck money bin.

7 September 2012 · Politics