Interview with Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger.

Interview with safecracker Ken Doyle. Thanks, Paul.

Small world: as I was enjoying these BBC readers’ pictures of the transit of Venus I realised one of them was taken by my cousin in Deniliquin.

Elisha Emerson @7x20:

I’m pretending you’re a computer, my small son said and stared at me until I cried.

Children with older fathers “live longer”. Oh good.

Lifehacker’s favourite apps and services that have gone belly up (and their replacements).

From the “while(!(succeed=try()));” dept.: what happens when you play the same game of Civilization II for 10 years. I loved this comment:

I’ve played some games that went well into the future, primarily in Civ III, but also in Civ II, but not to that extent. When global warming started to damage the terrain and my cities started declining I always lost interest and started a new game.

I’m picturing a bunch of gamers sitting around in the actual future when global warming has damaged the terrain and cities are declining, all yelling “Reset, reset, reset, RESET YOU BASTARD.”

Speaking of which: “We did it. No matter how you look at it, we did it. That’s it.”

17 June 2012 · Weblog