Began another Twitter diversion today: #globalwarmingfilms.

The World is Hot Enough

Emission: Improvident

20,000 Burgs Under the Sea

The Bigger Blue

No Island for Old Men

Smilla's Search for Snow

The Wind That Bakes the Barley

Venice, Texas

Some Like it Hot

Update: Radio 4’s Mitch Benn noticed and added one of his own, so I’ve started a Twitter meme at last...

25 May 2012 · Whatever

Good ones from the resulting hashtag stream:

Eternal Sunshine of the North Pole (@karmacreep)
Hot Mountain (@karmacreep)
One Swam Over the Cuckoo's Nest (‏@SouthLodgeBnB)
Mrs Droughtfire (@Chexworth)
Cat on a Really Really Hot Tin Roof (@Chexworth)
Nice Station Zebra (@PhilJimmieson)

Added by Rory on 25 May 2012.

Once Upon a Time in the Wet (@karmacreep)
Planet of the Fish (@davew501)
July of the Penguins (‏@ViveLeSteve)
Empty Reservoir Dogs (‏@mrjimwoods)
Deforest Gump (@mrjimwoods)

Added by Rory on 26 May 2012.