Tweet Nothings, Part X

I’m not sure if this is still worth doing now that third parties fill the gap, but here’s another batch of Twitter archives (see previously). I only started archiving them because I didn’t trust that Twitter would last, and maybe in the long run that’s still true. I’ve been using it mainly as a links blog anyway, and have posted many of those links here this year, but not everything has made it across. I couldn’t be bothered checking for link duplication below, but have omitted a few course-related tweets and some featured in earlier posts. Either way, there’s bound to be a link or retweet here worth a look.

RT @copyrightgirl: This is quite daft—is it a race to be the first to record?? Unintended consequences of #copyright law, via @techdirt §

RT @copyrightgirl: hmm RT @CopyrightLaw Techdirt: Access Copyright Admits That It’s Holding Education Hostage Unless Universities Pay Up §

RT @tedtalks: Today’s #TED: Creativity expert Sunni Brown says: Doodlers, unite! §

Twitter turns all links into mystery meat, and instantly becomes less useful as a collective links blog, which is how I mainly use it. Bah. §

Excellent Victorian posters from #BleakOldShopOfStuff (via @MrJamesBachman) §

RT @britishgaming: “Up next: Are violent video games corrupting our youth? But first—have you seen Gadaffi’s bloody, beaten corpse? Look at it! LOOK AT IT.” §

@tomewing Don’t forget the many revisions of Iguanodon, C19 paleontology’s version of the Star Wars Special Editions. §

RT @linkmachinego: Disk prices double after flood—and could ‘double again’—need a hard disk or computer in the next 6mnths? get one ASAP §

RT @glynmoody: It’s Time to Stop Talking About Copyright “Every modern copyright policy becomes Internet policy”; great analysis §

RT @glynmoody: Piracy problems? US copyright industries show terrific health whoops §

Are We Nearly There Yet? by @BenHatch—a great read for anyone who’s ever travelled with kids. Or been one. (His novels are great too.) §

Magnificent end to Poptimist by @tomewing, on streams, memes and their potential for music-like criticism §

Shock as retreat of Arctic sea ice releases deadly greenhouse gas—The Independent §

Plumes of methane a kilometre across. The gig is up. §

@queens_hall Wow, I didn’t think the Ronettes were that bad. §

RT @stuarthoughton: A precise and well argued piece by @DeborahJaneOrr for you to print out and staple to your favorite welfare whinger §

RT @newsbrooke: The digital age and what it means for authors—all must tweet (via @KarolinaSutton) §

RT @glynmoody: $100 #OLPC tablet to debut at CES “Android and Linux operating system support”; sounds cool §

RT @mikko: US customs can and will seize your laptop or smartphone and ask for your password. It happened 5000 times last year §

RT @raharris: How digitally literate are you? Complete a UK-wide survey on digital literacy of researchers | @scoopit via @BSAPGForum §

Joining the #StopSOPA protest today at in order to further my massive “corporate interests” (says MPAA’s CEO). §

RT @lmg_feed: On Stopping Reading Books §

If you’re unclear what’s at stake with SOPA/PIPA, this is pretty sobering: How UMG killed Veoh #StopSOPA §

Spectacular! RT @giagia: how IDIOTIC some companies are about copyright #sopa (via @Glinner) §

RT @tedtalks: Clay Shirky: Defend our freedom to share (or why SOPA is a bad idea). §

RT @josiefraser: That’s not online!/@thatsnotonline: Library collections, archives & other information not accessible online §

RT @4b5: .@jackofkent is very, very good on blogging and media at #leveson here now §

RT @terrycavanagh: List of words containing “meow”: meow, meowed, meowing, meows, homeowner §

Tweeting is a risky business. §


RT @glynmoody: slovenian ambassador: Why I signed ACTA—amazing public apology—don’t miss (v @StopActaNow) §

RT @charltonbrooker: Proof the charts ain’t what they used to be §

RT @ArmyofDave: The Phantom Menace 3D. Mmm. Can’t wait to watch those committee meetings about trade embargoes LEAPING INTO MY FACE. §

@melissaterras at #digitalhss: huge changes in humanities practice in 20 years, but we’re bad at articulating them. §

Jane Ohlmeyer’s Wordle of 1641 depositions from Fermanagh at #digitalhss—my first name leaps out at me. #rebelliousnamesakes §

Survival rates of #digitalhss data could improve if copying wasn’t so politically constrained. Torrents of 1641 depositions? #openaccess §

@chrisspeed: companies land-grabbing concepts in digital age, rather than making them first. #digitalhss §

Oxfam saw 52% increase in clothing sales when they gave items a story (video clips of donor interviews). @chrisspeed #digitalhss §

Echoes of Michael Landy’s Break Down—inventoried his stuff, then destroyed it. But is it really gone? #digitalhss §

RT @suchprettyeyes: Lifespans of irregular verbs have a halflife proportional to the square root of frequency? Neat. #digitalhss § #digitalhss §

Great talk by @erezaterez of #digitalhss § #digitalhss §

RT @weelibrarian: tweet saves Alan Turing papers §

RT @stevenpoole: Marco Arment, refreshingly: “I’m not a ‘curator’.” (And neither are you, unless you work in a museum.) §

RT @stevenpoole: “We fooled ourselves into thinking we owed random people the right to comment on our work literally on our work.” §

@comedy_nerd Peanuts: is there anything they can’t do? §

Great talk on MOOCs from @j_k_knox at #elearninged, esp. thoughts on institutional responsibility for student motivation, or lack of it. §

@consequently If you haven’t seen it yet, the Soane Museum, close to Holborn tube. One of my favourite lesser-known London things. § §

RT @consequently: .@speedysnail’s recommendation of the Soane Museum gets top marks from me. I now have loads of absolutely insane interior decorating ideas. §

RT @slackmistress: Everyone SAYS they want a fairytale wedding but when I show up and curse their firstborn suddenly I’m the jerk. §

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