On the Roof Again

While I’ve been frantically timetabling at work, overhead at home our roof has finally been under repair. We met with the owners of (some) neighbouring flats a couple of weeks back and agreed on the firm we would go with, and within days the scaffolding was up. The day we drove back from Nottingham was the repairers’ first on the job, and a week later they were done. Fortunately it didn’t rain during the day or two when the roof couldn’t be guaranteed as watertight—not that it was before.

I took some photos from our attic window as they went. Here they are, to mark the occasion.

Here’s the scary part, though:


Our share is only an eighth of that, and insurance will cover most of it. But five of the eight owners involved are absentee landlords, and we’re not looking forward to having to chase them for payment. In the meantime, we’ll have to cover it, which isn’t what we had planned for that much money. Thank the rain gods that it happened this year, when we’ve actually got enough in reserve.

All of this, just to get the roof back to how it was at the start of the year.

18 March 2012 · Journal