Little Fluffy Clouds

Rolling Stone on Climate Change and the End of Australia.

I don’t always feel very triumphant, but apparently I am.

Kurt Vonnegut’s letter home after being freed from Slaughterhouse Five.

Traiiiins innnn spaaaaaace!

The Curator’s Guide to the Galaxy, a proposal to formalize “via” links online. The problem is that I can’t remember where I found half of these links by the time I post them (probably Metafilter, but possibly not). But hey, squiggles.

“I’m not a ‘curator’”—that’s more like it. Squiggle Stephen Poole.

Anil Dash on taming web comments. Not a problem right here, where the comments boxes are like those shop counters in sleepy towns where the proprietor rushes in from another room looking surprised whenever someone wants to buy something.

Photos 1: The Poverty Line by Stefen Chow.

Photos 2: Car Poolers by Alejandro Cartagena.

Photos 3: Sea Change by Michael Marten.

The Clouds have reformed, hooray! They should use one of these (by Berndnaut Smilde) as their next album cover.

Why Finish Books?

14 March 2012 · Weblog