Wet Wet Wet

The way things are going, this is going to turn into a Home Repairs blog. There’s a leak in the roof of our flat from the repairs on Tuesday, which has let rainwater into the ceiling cavity above the bathroom. Now the bathroom is full of buckets, all the lights are off throughout the flat, and water has seeped through to the kitchen ceiling as well (not too badly yet, fortunately). The roofing guys were supposed to be back at 9.30, but no sign of them yet. Presumably, half of Edinburgh is chasing every roofer in town for emergency repairs. Not to mention plasterers, electricians and insurance companies.

5 January 2012 · Journal

They finally turned up at 5.20 p.m., went up onto the roof after dark, and sealed up the seams. With a blow-torch. (To melt the asphalt.) At least that meant they could see what they were doing.

It was a sunny day today, so the leaks dried up. But we’ll still need to get the bathroom ceiling replaced, if not the one in the kitchen.

Added by Rory on 5 January 2012.