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In the Land of the Non-Reader.

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22 January 2012 · Weblog

In the Land of the Non-Reader:
"No, the world is flat because I see no depth. I make no associations."
"I can no longer reason and cannot be trusted to make a decision. My brain is distracted by second-hand sensations. When the slightest complexity arises in my life, I crave the screen world..."

"As a non-reader I felt free to happily non-think all day."
I think this says it all. The years spent reading obviously hadn't made a lasting impact. How can one digest, internalise, expand one's mind for years on books and then lose that vantage in a matter of weeks? Is the content of books so ephemeral? Or is Gourlay exaggerating his imagined hyperbolic difference between reading books and not.

Added by Virge on 29 January 2012.

My money’s on exaggeration. Audiences don’t want no measured reasonableness!

Added by Rory on 29 January 2012.