Tweet Nothings, Part 9

Incidental responses to interesting times: it’s another instalment of Twitter archives. (Previously.)

RT @sharky57 @daraobriain Eclipse this a.m. with International Space Station [That’s no ISS, that’s a TIE fighter!] §

RT @Glinner: Love this True Grit poster. Amazing no-one thought of it before! §

Brilliant: RT @ftrain Here, I explained the web. Really. (Hint: It’s not for publishing.) §

RT @TheOnion: Opinion: I’m Only Really Happy When I’m Writing, Or When I’m Having Lots Of Fun With My Friends And Family §

RT @glynmoody: Uncomfortable Lessons from the Reaction to WikiLeaks—“Instead of informed debate, hysteria” (v @Eaterofsun) §

Our 3-year-old has made a new Advent calendar to try to summon a second Christmas. His first cargo cult. §

Poor Toowoomba, such a pretty town before this—and Brisbane next? #qldfloods §

75% of Queensland declared a disaster zone, an area the size of France, Germany, Belgium, Ireland and the UK combined. #qldfloods §

Metafilter thread on #qldfloods with many locals. §

Fentestuc! (@PeederJigson looks uncannily like @MrJamesBachman) §

RT @shauna: Blog vs Blogpost: a note on terminology by @megpickard Indeed! §

RT @tomewing: Nursery parents day. Me: “sounds like you’re doing really well—what do you like doing best at nursery?” Offspring: “FIGHTING” §

RT @bengoldacre: What happens when you cut a whole country off from the internet?: population 80 million, will be fascinating §

RT @tomcoates: Amazing pictures of tree nurseries and grid forests in the Netherlands. Better than it sounds. Promise. §

Oh, wow, wow! §

RT @drmabuse: “Poets will write less if they never get paid, thrive less, or give up.” AL Kennedy defending the arts. §

RT @JamesGleick: Think book publishers fear the coming of the e-book? Do the math. §

The last thing I want mornings to be like: RT @tomcoates Augmented reality in the home, while making a cup of tea. §

@Glinner You must have laughed when you read the bit about the students’ signs. §

The £585 favicon (via @Glinner). My own site must be worth millions! §

‘A genuine online course would be nothing but the software’—oh? §

RT @bengoldacre: BBC deleting websites: saves nothing, destroys history §

RT @drmabuse: Why did WordPress win? (From a former Six Apart worker.) §

RT @djhanks: Public Forests = 30p each. Libraries = £21 each. Bank bailout = £31,250 each. #saveourforests #savelibraries #ukuncut §

Don’t think you can lull me into paying attention by giving awards to Arcade Fire and Muse, #Grammys. §

“Will it be the epic [UK] rock record...that will tick a box at the Brits or the Grammys?” Erm, The Resistance? Hello? §

Although speaking of #Radiohead, I do like this “five days from announcement to delivery” trend. §

On using “the net as a way to perform a self under the peculiarly intense spotlight of adolescence”. NB: not just about pop. Total Perspective Vortex, “why wasn’t I consulted?”, digital natives, Maslow, all there. § §

Speaking of being so f-ing special, new Radiohead video! §

RT @AP_Magazine via @aknock: All photographers are potential terrorists, say police §

RT @DeAnne_Smith: Problematic sentence structure? DELETE THE WHOLE SENTENCE! WHO CARES! NO ONE WILL MISS IT! From “DeAnne Smith’s Quick Guide to Writing.” §

Oh no, not again. And even worse than last time... #chch #eqnz §

As if a day of watching the news from Libya wasn’t bad enough. §

Guardian’s blog of #chch earthquake §

Last time I RT’d many links & pics of #chch; this time I can’t. Too awful to think of people who were so kind to us now scared & suffering. §

RT @kaeladan: ∞ mathematicians walk into a pub. 1st buys a beer, 2nd buys a ½, 3rd buys ¼, 4th buys ⅛. Bartender sighs, rolls his eyes, pours two beers. §

RT @27bslash6: Ending all my emails today with The End. That way, everything I write is like an exciting story. “I won’t be in to work today. The End” §

RT @MrJamesBachman: Like Radiohead’s ‘Lotus Flower’ but not. Good though. (via @danryanactor) §


Manning’s ‘repulsive’ treatment ‘beyond what at least some of the most devoted Obama admirers are willing to defend’ §

RT @textfiles: Sir, the internet is going to find you inside your costume and make you a hero/god. §

RT @bengoldacre: i love how some of the most dangerous things in our society have a massive boredom shield protecting them from public scrutiny. §

@glynmoody @newsbrooke And South Africa the most supportive; what a change a generation makes. §

Vote yes to end Furtuhpurpuhtupuh! §

RT @YesInMay: Polls are open until 10pm and you don’t need a polling card. Don’t forget #yes2av §

RT @glynmoody: #BSA 2010 #Piracy Report: Big Numbers, Big Flaws—I debunk this utter nonsense so you don’t have to §

RT @mrchrisaddison: Just had an email from MySpace. Like a faint beep from the Voyager spacecraft as it passes beyond the outer limit of the Solar System. §

RT @acotgreave: What’s the most epic photo ever taken?—Quora <breathaking stuff §

RT @bengoldacre: this is basically how i met my girlfriend §

RT @Glinner: Dumbest social media article ever? Author calls for a delay on tweets so they can be approved. (via @malcolmcoles) §

@Glinner Indeed—cripple a service that benefits millions to spare a handful of celebrities embarrassment—spectacular! §

RT @glynmoody: Can We Kill Off This Myth That The Internet Is A Wild West That Needs To Be Tamed?—good rebuttal of kettle’s nonsense §

RT @Glinner: “Why this neurotic need to stay in touch?” Simon Hoggart latest journo to puzzle over people communicating in his WEEKLY COLUMN. §

RT @theretronaut: New Capsule: The first page of H.G. Wells’s version of Jeff Wayne’s War Of The Worlds §

RT @badmachinery: I am so ready for Google+. Here’s how I suspect I will be living, soon! §

RT @TheOnion: Report: Global Warming Issue From 2 Or 3 Years Ago May Still Be Problem #InFocus §

Nick Davies on phone hacking, Murdoch and News of the World—video via @guardian §

RT @markkilner: The #hackgate scandal is like an Advent Calendar with a foil-wrapped piece of schadenfreude behind every door. §

Rupert Murdoch as Uriah Heep! #notw #hackgate §

Tom Watson’s finest hour, and that’s saying a lot. #notw #hackgate §

RT @ncguk: “James, would you like a cup of tea?” “I have no direct knowledge of liking tea, but I’m happy to find out if I do and get back to you.” §

NOOOOH what a time to click away from the stream to another window and miss the action! §

RT @tomewing: Reading Jodi Dean’s “Blog Theory” (free pdf)—lots of quotable ideas & bits. Lots of critical theory too. §

RT @damana: If Tetris has taught me anything, it’s that errors pile up and accomplishments disappear. §

RT @tomewing: danah boyd on real name policies—provocative analysis, loads of interesting points. §

RT @glynmoody @marcoarment @monkchips: If Tim Berners-Lee had patented the World Wide Web, we’d be able to use it freely starting today. §

@tom_watson: This video from 31 July is compelling evidence of the immediate causes. §

Everything was just dandy with my site’s migration to a new server over the weekend; now everything’s just deady. #aarggh §

RT @joshmillard: Invented a “sarcasm mark”. It looks like this: “!”. Examples: “Oh, very funny!” “Great idea, Josh!” “Self-reference rules!” §

RT @glynwintle: Some password recovery questions are worse than others (via @lcamtuf) §

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