Tweet Nothings, Part 3

Chirpy chirpy cheep cheep.

It’s a while since I’ve paid much attention to fake spam names, but I couldn’t resist ‘Crunkleton Bryant’. §

@tomewing: That would be the Human League’s ‘Don’t You Want Me’. §

@serafinowicz: Coming soon to Sky, apparently. §

I dream of a band’s own blunder. §

Kookaburra’s writ in the Old Bai-ley / Merry, merry king of the flute is he / Laugh, IP lawyers, laugh, IP lawyers / Pay for you must we. §

Great novel title: Carrie Fisher’s Delusions of Grandma. §

‘Apple requires you to be 17 [to buy] a censored dictionary that omits half the words Steve Jobs uses every day’ (via @drmabuse). §

Social networking = creativity killer? Provocative thought from @tomewing. §

@queens_hall Are you a satanic church? I need to burn a rosary for my show. §

Track of the moment: Teddybears’ ‘Get Mama a House’. §

The John Hughes tribute to end all tributes (via @glinner). §

The Royal Mile has turned into Pamplona again. §

Not caring if you’re uninsured beats not caring for the uninsured. #welovethenhs §

Giving birth can cost $6,000-$12,000 in the US if you’re uninsured. Cross your legs until you’ve saved it up? #welovethenhs §

@charlottetandy: No, but heard plenty of horror stories. Terrible to live in fear just because you can’t afford mortgage-size premiums. §

After a few so-so #edfringe shows, a relief to see a four-star one: Mould & Arrowsmith’s Inventions at the Dome yesterday was fab. §

Last night at the #edfringe: Barry & Stuart, Powered by Demons—4-star-plus black comedy magic and/or black magic comedy. §

Mikelangelo & the Black Sea Gentlemen @queens_hall put on a mad show of accordions, swimming trunks, & songs of death & lust. 4/5. #edfringe §

Another #edfringe tip: Dave Thornton, up-&-coming Aussie stand-up destined to be big. Very Melbourne, but breaks the parochial mould. 3.5/5 §

I know the logic behind the phrase ‘the global world’, but it feels so tautological. As opposed to the cubic world? Or the flat one? §

There’s something a bit deflating about walking past a row of #edfringe posters on September 1st. §

Also saw at #edfringe: George Ryegold, scalpel-sharp surgical stand-up; Andrew Stanley’s Mish Mash, amiable mix of guests, banter, sketches. §

And also: Andrew Maxwell, good, but not as good as in 2005/6; and Paddy Lennox, private genealogical rambling, needed more jokes. #edfringe §

When I was a kid, #WW2 seemed forever ago. Now it seems as if I only just missed it. §

If Orange and T-Mobile merge, will they re-brand as Orange Pekoe? §

@tomewing: Not sure it’s mine, but this would be many Australians’ fave. §

@tomewing: ‘Wuthering Heights’ is fab, but only a proto-power ballad, surely? Mine might be Def Leppard’s ‘Love Bites’... §

YouTube comment of the day: ‘Old Pingu Rocks. The new ones are more aimed at younger children. Ah Well.’ §

10 September 2009 · Whatever