Tweet Nothings, Part 2

My twitterings archived here again, because I can.

@drmabuse: Wish I could get paid for reviews of my own unfamiliarity with movie franchises. ‘I have never seen Police Academy 6! What of it?’ §

50 Useful Twitter Tools for Writers and Researchers (via @Glinner and @TweetReport) §

Found one of these in the street today—it’s a long way from home. §

#crapnamesforsuperheroes: That-Man §

Another semester’s marking done. Would have been much simpler if I could have used rubber stamps instead of words. NICE WORK! B+ §

Last night in the pub we were weighing up ‘Avon’ as a name for a friend’s new baby. Or ‘Servelan’ if it’s a girl. §

Oops, that’s ‘Servalan’. Strike me from the Blake’s 7 Wall of Honour now. (That’s the one in the Vila Villa.) §

I wonder how many LAN servers are called ‘servalan’. §

Amazing. So many points where you can see Obama’s deft moves to reassure the many different audiences who are listening. §

Time for a new photo. §

A day without meetings! I feel so... unscheduled. §

Spoke too soon. Just had an unscheduled meeting. §

Successfully avoided Apprentice spoilers yesterday so we could watch the last episode on iPlayer. Twitter was far too dangerous territory. §

So, will the Apprentice be commuting to work from the Big Brother house on Survivor Island? (‘Survivor: Thames Estuary’.) §

Next series they should be up against Sir Alan Partridge. ‘Knowing me, knowing you are fired.’ §

MARS DOOM: ‘This is just a computer graphic...’ which we will play twice while I’m saying this. §

MOON DOOM (via @bengoldacre): ‘Did these scientists ask her permission?’ It’s wacky astronomical collision day! §

How do astrologers backpedal after natural disasters? ‘I know I said Leos would have a good day, but hey, at least they had a good death.’ §

Hey, this is my 100th update! [crashes Twitter stream into the sun] §

A sunny Friday is the weekend’s Venus fly-trap. §

Spectacular move by WH Smith to reduce range of guidebooks at airports (via @drmabuse)—shares down, I notice. §

Our flat smells of fresh cake. BRAIN SHUTDOWN, ENGAGE STOMACH. §

In Glasgow for an afternoon, first time in two years. I love how it still has a Nelson Mandela Place. §

RT @tomewing: ‘How come people who would shun the Top 10 singles or films often show such faith in the ability of virality/crowdsourcing to detect quality?’ §

Stop the Keyboard Cat bus, we have reached our destination (via @drmabuse) §

Someone has kidnapped Edinburgh and replaced it with somewhere sunny! §

At a conference in Nottingham—David Lodge territory. ‘I’ve never read Hamlet!’ §

They’ve got us staying in student rooms. This morning I woke up thinking I was home, then opened my eyes to a 1992 version of Life on Mars. §

Just heard a young Australian presenter saying ‘noo’ instead of ‘nyoo’. They’re stealing my accent! (She’s from Noo South Wales, though.) §

Reading Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. Cheer up, mate, it’s not the end of the world! §

If Twitter excluded HTML tags from its 140 characters, I’d be tempted to use it as a links blog. Trimmed links make contextualizing harder. §

Why does the box of our new microwave use the US spelling of ‘23 liters’ when everywhere that actually uses the metric system uses ‘litres’? §

@aknock: He was probably ticked off at someone who spelled his name ‘Webstre’. §

In Room 101 of a Paris hostel. Two Orwellian experiences for the price of one. §

Small boy awake. The wheels on the bus go round and round. §

Four days in Paris isn’t enough. There were more nectarines I hadn’t eaten. §

22 July 2009 · Whatever