Michelle Simpson

Our friend Michelle Simpson died in Canberra on April the 26th. She was a remarkable person with a wide range of talents and interests—among other things, as a rower, hot-air balloonist, scout leader, musician, and scientist—and was a dedicated volunteer in the Canberra community, which honoured her with an ACT International Women’s Day Award in 2002. She was also one of Jane’s best friends.

Michelle Simpson in Jedburgh, Scotland, June 2004

Through Michelle, I had the opportunity to do things I’d never have done otherwise, and seeing her energy inspired me to do more and to try more. Our friendship had a profound effect on me, and I know that she has influenced the things I have done and decisions I have made. I’ll really miss Michelle, but I’m glad I had the opportunity to know her and share so many good times with her.

Jane writes more about Michelle in this photo gallery, created in remembrance of a great friend.

30 June 2007 · People

Thanks Jane
This is really great.

Added by Scott McKenzie on 17 July 2007.

Wonderful pictures and stories. We all miss Shells but pages like this bring back such great memories.

Thanks for the effort you have put into this.

All the best

Added by Michael Simpson on 18 July 2007.

Hi Jane,
I was so nice to see all the photos of Michelle. You have captured the essence of what she was all about - live, love, laughter and inspiration. I hope all is well with your little family. The last time we had contact was when I was shell's scribe in hospital.
xo cindy

Added by Cindy Watt on 19 July 2007.

Hello Jane,
My mate, Scott McKenzie told me about this lovely site. I met Michelle a few times and have put a link from my site to here. I hope that's ok with you. DJ Gosper

Added by DJ Gosper on 13 August 2007.

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