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YouTube overload and more...

Adam Buxton’s No News and You Say We Pay (“This is what my cat’s called”).

Glen & Gary & Glen & Ross [via Ed, goddammit].

Prisoners of YouTube [via Mefi]. Fifteen seconds of a guy falling over has been viewed by a population the size of Germany. Look on our works, ye unwired, and despair.

From YouTube to YouNiversity [via KF].

The Machine is Us/ing Us, take two, with a link to a Windows Media version if you want to snag a copy in non-YouTube format.

Spear-wielding chimps snack on skewered bushbabies [via Mefi].

This Radio 4 programme on the cod is worth a listen if you’re a fan of the battered beasties, or you could go straight to the best bit: cod sounds that would make a wicked bassline on the dancefloor (try the fifth one).

More aquatic audio: platypus sounds. What, no drinking?

Demetri meets Monday.

25 February 2007 · Weblog

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