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All the free copies were gone within a day, so I had to settle for the actual novel. (Which I might even read. I was already halfway through one of RLS’s travelogues, and enjoying it.)

Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls, in honour of having finished an oh-so-collectible tin bought last July. (Chef’s Chocolate Salty equivalent not in stock.)

Lore Sjöberg’s Wikipedia FAQK.

One hell of a panorama shot [via MeFi].

A bloat of hippopotamuses and a rhumba of rattlesnakes.

Delettering Vienna [via].

A cost analysis of Windows Vista content protection [via].

WebCite: archiving links for academic citations [via Crooked Timber].

IP law and bird flu.

Ben Goldacre on open access publishing.

Simon Pegg on American and British senses of humour. Can’t wait for Hot Fuzz.

Tom Rosenthal, English singer-songwriter.

10 February 2007 · Weblog

I think I'm actually going to _buy_ the graphic novel of Kidnapped, as I already own the novel. I was brought up on RLS...

Have you seen this? (I'm sure you have...)

Added by K on 13 February 2007.

The Web 2.0 video? Yes, but thanks—saves me having to link to it next time.

Added by Rory on 14 February 2007.

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