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I’ve updated my 2005 copy of Mozilla, but can’t quite warm to the Firefox interface (mainly the way you can’t close multiple tabs from the same mouse location). Fortunately the alternative branch of Moz 1.x in the form of SeaMonkey is pretty good, with nice new touches on top of the familiar layout (previews of what lies behind each tab; spell-check in form fields). The only drawback is that every window title is now appended with “SeaMonkey”, making idle browsing feel like a succession of playground taunts. “Speedysnail – SeaMonkey.”

Vanishing Point shows the world’s countries according to their level of international press coverage. Half the ones I’m interested in are almost invisible. A similar concept: Worldmapper shows their relative ranking on various scales by distorting their borders. [Via The Glory of Carniola and Arbroath.]

Music blog with a great title: Crying All the Way to the Chip Shop. [Via I Like.]

The Plastic Cow Goes Moooooog.

Hand Solo does Star Wars’ End.

All that build-up, and the link to the summary of the Climate Change Report has already drowned under the flood of attention. [Oh, no it hasn’t... they just changed the filename. So much for that line.]

2 February 2007 · Weblog

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