Possibly the best “how things work” television series ever, The Secret Life of Machines (as seen on Britain’s Channel 4 and Australia’s SBS), is available in its entirety on Google video—and for those with qualms about copyright, this distribution is sanctioned by creator Tim Hunkin himself. Hunkin’s personal site has a wealth of information about the series, including some updates on the state of the various technologies featured. There’s also his Rudiments of Wisdom Encyclopaedia, which I missed first time round (living in Australia, where his Observer cartoons had never appeared). Tim and Rex were a favourite in our household, so it’s great to be watching these again. Check Wikipedia for the episode listing so that you can watch all eighteen in the right order. [Via Ben Werdmuller.]

20 January 2007 · Television

Wow, that's terrific news. That programme was one of my all-time favourites, as a nerdykid.

Added by David on 5 February 2007.

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