War of the WWWs

The chances of anything coming from blogs are a million to one, but still they come...

Why Hemingway is chick-lit. (11pm: Finished Death in the Afternoon—vg. Thinking of taking a mini-break to Madrid.)

Ze Frank, funny guy. Ze Frank, serious guy.

Bill’s calmer thoughts (than mine) on Monday’s anniversary.

“It is really ideas which are being censored. It always is.”

Why the iPod is losing its cool. Just as I’ve finished ripping all my CDs. Guess I’ll have to settle for usefulness.

That Mitchell and Webb Interview [waves to James] and That Mitchell and Webb Log. That Mitchell and Webb premiere is tomorrow night. That means I have 24 hours to buy a TV. (That’s not very likely.)

Tonje is looking for expat bloggers for a research project on the narration of identity. If you’re one, you might like to point her to some relevant posts in your archives.

If you’ve been obsessively reloading my MySpace page you’ll already know this, but a new animal poem video went up last night. Many thanks to Degan for permission to use her great photos.

13 September 2006 · Weblog

Did you know that I like ponies. Today I met a pony that had the same colour hair as yours. I called him Pony Rory.

Added by Pony Girl on 13 September 2006.

All the best ponies do!

For non-pony readers, Pony Girl is in Iceland amongst the glaciers and lava, using up some leave before we have to send our passports into the void.

Meanwhile, I’ve been running around in a sitting-at-a-desk staring-at-a-screen kind of way getting various things ready for the start of teaching, and spent most of last week in a staff development course. I am now partially developed. Stage two is next April. (I was going to post this fascinating slice-of-life as an introductory paragraph to this entry, but it can’t compete for excitement with Iceland.)

Added by Rory on 13 September 2006.

no way! she made it to iceland after all these years. that is so cool :) have fun, pony girl!!!

Added by shauna on 14 September 2006.

I had no intelligent comments to make but have been mentally singing "The CHANCES of ANYthing COMING from MARS..." for about 24 hours now.

Watched Mitchell and Webb last night - mostly because you mentioned them - and was amused.

Iceland does indeed sound very cool. I wonder if I could persuade J that we need to go there. (Not a chance, I wouldn't have thought...)

Added by K on 15 September 2006.

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