Snow Patrol

We were out at Meadowbank stadium a second night in a row last night to see Elbow and Snow Patrol, two of my favourite bands of recent years. Muse were going to be a hard act to follow, and it was raining as we walked there, so I wondered if this would be a more sedate affair. But the rain cleared up just as we arrived, and we ended up in almost the same spot on the field as the night before.

What a different crowd, though. Muse’s support act were My Chemical Romance, so their audience was full of black t-shirts, spiky hair and eye-liner. Tonight there was a much higher proportion of refusing-to-grow-up 30-somethings like me.

Elbow were excellent, but suffered from crowd indifference towards a support act. “Leaders of the Free World” got them moving, though. “Fugitive Motel” was another highlight, and “Newborn” a big finish before the forty minute wait for Snow Patrol. Guy Garvey sounds just as impressive on stage as on record.

Then on came Snow Patrol to tumultuous applause. The audience reaction wasn’t as insane as for Muse, but it was still a great show; they played most of the new album and a good chunk of Final Straw, along with a track from their second. “Epic indie singalongs” was what I texted to the Times Text Critics, although there was less singing along tonight—which was good in a way, because we got to hear Gary Lightbody’s voice. Lots of humming, though. Their songs are like that.

Lightbody was having a great time. This was their biggest gig in Scotland by far, he told us, and his Dad was there; it was obvious from the grin on his face that this concert meant as much to him as to anyone in the audience. There were moments where he looked so overwhelmed by all the cheering and arm waving that he was on the verge of forgetting to sing. It made the night feel special, as if this was the moment when they definitively moved from indie band to stadium band. Their songs are definitely up to the challenge. I listened to Eyes Open again this morning and it sounds even better after hearing it all live.

Muse still hold the crown, but tonight’s gig more than held its own. My photos turned out better this time, too.

26 August 2006 · Music

no 4! with the BEER! I love that shot!!

Added by shauna on 26 August 2006.

Me too, definitely my favourite.

Added by Rory on 26 August 2006.

Rather fine zoom, too...

We were at Belle and Sebastian last night (who were fantastic) and I wished I'd brought my camera - their lighting was very pretty indeed (probably done by the same people, I'd have thought).

Added by K on 28 August 2006.

Your review was spot on except I prefer The Patrol to Muse (but that is just a personal music opinion!) I actually met Gary before the show and he was really excited about it and a really lovely guy. He even took the time out to have his photograph with me which I thought was so kind of him. Can't wait to see Snow Patrol in Glasgow in December...I'm counting down the days!!!

Added by MrsLightbody116 on 30 August 2006.

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