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The Dandy Warhols played at the Liquid Room last night as part of T on the Fringe. I was looking forward to this, because I missed them the last time I had the chance (Melbourne, 2001—feeling too broke). Because of their latest album, though, my expectations were modest; it just doesn’t do a lot for me.

But I’d forgotten how much I loved their first four—ever since hearing “Minnesoter” on the radio in ’98, they’ve been one of my favourite bands—and they played a ton of stuff from those, as well as some from Odditorium and a new track, “Have a Kick Ass Summer (Me and My Friends)”. They opened with “Godless” and “Get Off” from Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia, then a few from Welcome to the Monkey House, then “I Love You” from Come Down... and then one I barely recognised, because I haven’t listened to Odditorium enough.

As expected, the night was an impressive combination of drone rock and pop hooks. Courtney Taylor-Taylor and Peter Loew are both guitarists in the finest psychedelic tradition; some of the feedback I could feel in my teeth. (What happened to “Holmstrom”? Seems he took his wife’s name when he got married. I remember a TV sitcom from the ’60s or ’70s that had that as its entire premise.)

It was a strange moment during “Not If You Were the Last Junkie on Earth”, watching Trainspotting-style skinheads bop along to “heroin is so passé”. And “Bohemian Like You”, their big UK hit, had the whole room singing in Sensurround. Amazingly, that wasn’t the finale; the next song, “Boys Better” was just as good.

Odd to be reminded by Wikipedia that the Dandy Warhols have never been big in the US; and they aren’t as big in the UK as in Australia, I’ll bet. I guess this particular combination of sounds is never going to be embraced wholesale by the mainstream, even if certain songs are just too catchy to be denied. But the catchy tunes weren’t the best of the night; the best were the ones that washed over you in wordless waves.

Courtney and Pete

Come down for more photos...

19 August 2006 · Music

The set list in full:

Get Off
Welcome to the Monkey House
We Used to be Friends
You Were the Last High
I Love You
Holding Me Up
All the Money or the Simple Life Honey
Not If You Were the Last Junkie on Earth
Have a Kick Ass Summer
Good Morning
The New Country
Horse Pills
Lou Weed
Green (Courtney and Pete only)
Cool as Kim Deal
Bohemian Like You
Boys Better
Country Leaver

Added by Rory on 19 August 2006.

oooh great stuff... rock on! very atmospheric. i love the photos :)

Added by shauna on 19 August 2006.

meant to say yesterday, "drone rock and pop hooks" is such a top description of the dandy's! that would have been great for one of your five-word-reviews!

Added by shauna on 20 August 2006.

Ahh cock. That would have been good. I'm v. jealous.

Added by James on 21 August 2006.

The band were great - when do you get a set of an hour and half these days - had they not had to be off at 10pm they'd still be playing now - they were loving it. Awesome!

Added by Suzie on 21 August 2006.

Geeez, that seemed to be one great show of one of the best bands around. I hope I can see them myself soon.

Added by franl on 29 August 2006.

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