Ed hits the com-lit-audioblog jackpot interviewing Dave Barry, who’s sounding pretty chilled about post-columnist life.

6 February 2006 · Comedy

And I learned the correct pronunciation of "Suze Orman" too! But here's the real mystery: how did a catty Australian catch wind of a American columnist syndicated largely in regional newspapers?

Added by ed on 6 February 2006.

Catty? Hey, I'm genuinely impressed! Dave Barry is great. His column on Neil Diamond's crappy lyrics is one of my all-time favourites.

He may not be in the biggest US papers, but he's syndicated worldwide. Some of his books have seen print in the UK markets (including Australia), and I used to pick up others when I was visiting the States.

Added by Rory on 6 February 2006.

Again, to clarify for the public, catty in the sense of "How the hell did you catch wind of Barry." 'Tis all I meant. I happen to think he's great too, but there's a definite snobbery against him by some folks in America. All this despite the fact that Barry's won a Pulitzer.

Added by ed on 7 February 2006.

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