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This is going to seem pretty pointless when I’ve just spent all week doing everything else except post here, but the RSS 2.0 feed for this site is now human-readable—assuming said human is using Mozilla or Firefox. That’s right, I’ve added an XSLT stylesheet to convert it into HTML. All those months of XML work have finally paid off... in the form of a page that isn’t even directly linked from the front of the site (unless you choose Show Site Navigation Bar Always in Mozilla). And if you’re using Safari it overrules my XSLT with its own RSS format and defaults to the 1.0 file anyway (which doesn’t have the XSLT, because it’s RDF); and who knows what happens in IE6/Win, so really, what’s the point.

We interrupt this technological jargon for a public announcement. After Ed and James recommended it, I’ve listened to Clap Your Hands Say Yeah’s album, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, and yeah, my hands are clappin’. It’s folky Radiohead on a Talking Heads retro trip, and it’s not bad, not bad at all. Also, another friend recommended the Arctic Monkeys album that’s been languishing in the upper reaches of the UK charts, and that’s not bad either, in a how-long-before-they’re-the-next-Oasis and I-mean-Oasis-2006-not-1996 kinda way. Plus I finally bought Mylo’s Destroy Rock & Roll a couple of years after his Scottish viral marketing campaign stubbornly refused to infect me. And it’s... not bad. A few too many irritating looped vocal samples, but some nice Airsy-Röyksy-Mintsy electronica happening there.

In keeping with the old-skool Virulent Memes style of this rambling non-sequitur of a post, here’s a couple of photos of Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport taken at 5 a.m. local time on my way back from Australia last December.

Schiphol 1

Schiphol 2

24 February 2006 · Site News

Am I a bad person for wanting the Arctic Monkeys hype to sputter out as rapidly as possible? I liked them the first time when they were called the Clash. :)

Added by ed on 24 February 2006.

And, oh yes! I remember that airport!

Added by ed on 24 February 2006.

Yes, Schiphol holds a special place in my heart—as much as any airport can. KLM is often the cheapest airline for long-haul flights out of Australia, so I’ve been passing through it for fifteen years. In 1998 Jane and I kept going back and forth through it as the European hub of our round-the-world flight. And of course it was the scene of my oh-my-God-I’ve-gone-deaf adventure of last November, when I sat in its desolate tiki bar eating a flattened panini to the dizzying sounds of my eustachian tubes, and searched out its first aid room only to find it deserted. Much like the photos above.

Back to music. I just looked again at the comments of the last music post, and noticed James’s mention of José González. By coincidence I’ve been enjoying some mp3s of his that I found during a Google search for something else entirely, on this mp3-laden band promoters’ page (a good find in itself):

A bit of a “Kings of Convenience Go to Rio Via Nick Drake’s Place” vibe to those few tracks, so I’ll definitely have to check out his album.

Added by Rory on 25 February 2006.

And another thing. The last track on that CYHSY album was driving me nuts trying to figure out what the lead singer was singing at the end. Charleston? Child’s toys? Thank God for lyric sheets: it was “child stars”. CHIL'STAAZ, CHIL'STAAZ, CHIL'STAAZ, CHIL'STAAZ...

Added by Rory on 25 February 2006.

Added by Rory on 25 February 2006.

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