First-Name Basis

A local boy was found dead a week and a half ago, and for days I’ve been haunted by doppelganger newspaper headlines: TRAGIC RORY’S BULLY HELL; RORY POLICE LAUNCH MURDER INQUIRY. When an adult is killed, the papers use surnames, but whenever it’s a child it’s first names all the way. Now I know how every Holly and Jessica in the country felt in 2002.

Still, it can’t be as bad as every Katrina must be feeling right now.

When Jane and I moved to the UK in mid-2001 we considered flying via New York, but figured that we could visit it any time from Britain. A couple of months later we were wishing we’d gone, because it was clear the city would never be the same again.

But now I’m glad we saw New Orleans instead... because who knows what it’s going to look like after today.

French Quarter, New Orleans, July 2001
French Quarter, July 2001. Photo by J.E.

29 August 2005 · Events

This also puts a blight on any fond rememberances of Katrina & the Waves.

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For the record, this entry was posted before noon UK time on the 29th, when the hurricane was still a few hours from landfall. After reading about it on MeFi, I was fearing the worst.

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