2 · Spanish Steps

Regular readers will have seen this one coming, at least. Is Tim Moore the funniest travel writer around today? Funny enough for me, anyway. Choosing a favourite out of his books is hard: for a long while Frost on My Moustache looked like the front-runner, but I think it has to be his newest, Spanish Steps, for being the story of more than Moore alone. I guess it’s the fitting choice in a “best of 2004” list.

Speaking of Spain, if you’re heading that way I highly recommend the Time Out guide to Andalucía.

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I've been reading all of these, and I own some and don't own others, but top marks for a very definite list of the best of 2004. Now if only Elephant Woman was in there somewhere... : )

Added by James Bachman on a Sunday in December.

That should be 'definitive'. You need a 'preview' button. (Or at least a 'click here if you're drunk' button.)

Added by James Bachman on a Sunday in December.

Glad to hear you’re enjoying them, James (both Tim Moore’s books and these posts). Sorry about the lack of Preview—I discarded it in the testing stage in a fit of pique. Will bring it back in next year’s model.

Added by Rory on a Monday in December.