Feel the Power

Last night we went along to a showcase of Dunfermline bands, including Indafusion, Calcium, Martin Myles, and our friend Gareth’s own Holy Ghost Power (which isn’t some kind of born-again thing, but a wall-of-sound indie band with two drummers, two guitars, and one bass; download their mp3 for a taster). It was a stoatin’ night, as the Daily Record would say; different styles of music across the bands, but all good. I took a few pics of the guys in action, just in case they go and get famous on us, so here you go, Mr soon-to-be-Dr Reid. (And Shauna, the headline’s for you.)

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feel the power! it was much more exciting than 'the garden state'... hehe

woohoo! it was a top night of rock. top work, dr g and associates. and great photies rory!

(still feel ashamed that i didn't manage to faint like i did at the radiohead gig but did feel a wee bit weak at the knees!)

your last caption is cracker!

Added by shauny on a Wednesday in September.

Rory...you're a dead set legend!

Added by Gareth on a Thursday in September.

Just listened to 'Onward'. Excellent. Very post-rock. Very Mogwai. Just up my street. Get some demos off your soon-to-be-doctor friend and put them on a CD and send them to me immediately. I won't have any delay. (Except in the musical sense.)

Added by James on a Thursday in September.