O Lucky Man

A post to MetaFilter which I should also have posted here at the time, but for whatever reason didn't.

Is he the world's unluckiest man or the luckiest? Either way, Croatia's Frane Selak, who had already gained attention for escaping death seven times, has just hit the jackpot with his first lottery ticket in forty years. How can we normal mortals compete?

It's the details that make the story for me: Selak landed in a haystack after being sucked out of a DC-8; had his hair burned off by a burning Wartburg; almost ran head-first into a UN truck; and jumped out of his Skoda into a tree just before it fell 300 feet and exploded. After his first few lucky escapes, "my friends had stopped visiting me." £600,000 will probably change that.

Note the tailored advertisement at the foot of the Ireland Online story: "Ready to buy a new Car? Click here to get a free Competitive quote."

19 June 2003


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