The Eagle Has Landed

A comment to a MetaFilter thread which I should also have posted here at the time, but for whatever reason didn't.

Dear Entrants 2, 4, 8, etc.

We at the National Eagle Promotion Board were disappointed to see that you had neglected to include an eagle in your recent entry to the Department of Homeland Security Logo Contest. Eagles are an essential part of the fabric of this great nation of ours, especially if it's Eagore-Tex, the all new waterproof eagle-down fabric from EagleCo™. Eagles are hardy, self-reliant, and have 83% less fat than turducken and comparable meat-stuffed-with-other-meat products.

May we take this opportunity to remind you that eagles are firm and resolute in appearance, come up quite nicely in Adobe Illustrator, and just scream 'security'. (Sorry, that would be a parrot. One that had been trained to scream 'security'... by some noble patriot, no doubt. As you were.)

Yours faithfully,

Earnest G. Lee
President, NEPD


3 March 2003


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